Re-engineering the fixed income markets for India

Proprietary financial engineering technology that enables novel fixed income products with precise risk-reward and duration in investor-friendly denominations.

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Streamlining the bottlenecks in Indian Credit Markets

While as Indians, we love earning interest on our money, the debt investment landscape in India has historically been unable to reach its full potential due to structural reasons.

  • Step 1

    Our integrated ecosystem enables partnership between borrowers and investors in an efficient manner. While the investors get access to a wide variety of yield-bearing instruments, the borrowers get access to capital at competitive rates.

  • Step 2
    Price discovery

    We are breaking down the information silos that prevent efficient price discovery. The transparency and data flow in our network enables near real-time evaluation of credit.

  • Step 3

    By partnering with established players and new age channels, we source the best bids and offers to ensure best-in-class deal execution.

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